Our team will take the worry out of "Compliance Laws"

Each member of our staff is highly trained in the legal field with NAR social media compliance, FTC, RESPA, SEC, FIRPTA, and the MAP Act – Regulation N and all  the regulations governing the real estate, mortgage and Title industry. CFPB, Federal Trade Commission, and other agencies that govern your business practices.. In the age of digital media more litigators are turning to digital evidence to defend court cases in the professional and finance industry.


Here's the law: As a responsible Banking professional you will be expected to make sure that any involvement with social media communications are legal. With us you never have to worry!

Any form of interactive, online communications where you would generate or share “content.”


Text - Images - Audio or video recordings - Email - Blogs - Websites - Bulletin boards/forums - Photo-sharing sites - Professional networking sites - Virtual worlds - Social games

The digital world is causing Brokers, Lenders and Insurance Agents to become concerned about their representatives behavior on social media, their reputation management, compliance and the company’s policies regarding blogging, social media sites and mainly how to monitor the advertising to make sure it is in compliance with RESPA, the Code of Ethics and License Laws of each state. Have you considered your company’s liability for violating federal regulations through its use of social media? Broker identification and NAR trademarks and agent identification are just a few areas that are in non compliance on a daily basis.

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About Our Team

Our goal: To give clients an authentic social media presence, boosting ranking and visibility, to engage businesses with local community, and present an authentic voice in a digital world while following compliance laws in your State.

We provide full service social media management services by developing unique social content that matches your business’ branding & voice. Included are social media marketing analytics and performance reporting. 

Our team consists of professionals with creative backgrounds who have all been professionally trained. Don’t leave your social media marketing to a novice.